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1Attention former members. Empty Attention former members. on Sun Dec 09, 2012 8:51 pm

Knight Dak

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Verbal Abuser
Knight Dak
I hope many of you plan on sticking around and being involved on the forums. Also many of our events are open to the public so you are all more than welcome to participate in those.

However you all left for a reason. It hasn't gotten bad yet, but I noticed a little bit of resentment and snide remarks in relation to this clan.

Dead reply

Deathwatch's tlp thread.

I respect both of your opinions, however if you, any previous clan member, or forum community member wishes to stick around on the forums simply to remark on how this clan has,"failed", is "dying", or to tell us, "I told you so" please do us all a favor and stop checking/posting on these forums.

All that are left now are dedicated to rebuilding this clan, and we don't need negativity from anyone.If you can't make a positive contribution than do us all a favor and lets just go our seperate ways.

This post isnt meant to call anyone out, but simply to enforce how serious I am taking the responsiblity of rebuilding this clan.

If you can't help, or at least be pleasant to be around, than your not wanted. Its not fair to this clan, myself, or those that supported me getting this position to allow anyone to scoff, or mock our hard work.

This isn't up for discussion and if this makes you unhappy there is the door *points*.

Thread Locked.

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