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Knight Dak

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Knight Dak
I am seing all the posts crop up about how ,"Pierry is showing his true colors" and people leaving the clan over it.

Funny thing is some of you think this was just Pierry's decision....Guess what??? He is just handling it.

No offense LOU getting banned off our server was unnacceptable. So Council felt fewer people should have admin so we can make sure people who have it are ready for it and have proper training with it.

Him getting banned made us look bad, very bad, so it seems Apex got together with the Council to stream line admin again.

I've got pierry's back 100 percent on this and I know what its like to be in his shoes. When kewl decided to get rid of the trolls in tlp he had me announce it, just like they are letting pierry handle it because its Euro members.

You guys are treating him the same way I was treated. Fuck that. I promised I wouldn't get involved in matters like this but I swear if you guys try to paint pierry out to be some kind of bad guy or something I am going to start taking shots at everyone bashing him.

THIS SHIT NEEDS TO STOP RIGHT NOW. If you have any respect for me you will leave pierry alone and stop leaving the clan over something so stupid as an admin password.

I'm sure this was decided by the Council as a whole, so don't try and make Pierry out to be some bad guy.

He is my friend and a good Councilor and I won't tolerate him being talked to like this.

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Yes Dakorian I totaly left because of some crappy admin password.
I didn't even know that I am no longer an admin when I was deciding to leave, but if you and your council want to dirt us to feel better then be my guest.

This reduction which was infact caused by Nihilus, who baned Lou.
I was the one who dealt with Louv beause he aproached me and we figured this out in peace.
It's even better to find out that after saving the clan from this shit I was the one to be cutt off.
Untill now I thought that Pierry decided to cutt me off himself but this is even nastier.

Thanks for leting me know Dakorian, because otherwise I would blame Pierry for everything.

The craziest thing about all of this is that before it all started I was actualy against Saix and I was always cautious around him doing administration, but you guys ( not just pierry it seems) actualy managed to get us to eat from the same bowl and cooperate.

Why did you decide to reduce the admin population on pierry's server anyway?

Most of the time it was moderated by only me and Saix. We didnt even know that Nihilus was an admin aswel untill Louv told me that he was baned by him.

So there you have three admins. Two of them active and you cut the active one, which happens to be me.

Defend this however you want but that was a totaly unproductive measurement.
But thats no longer my business so farewell.

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As far as I'm concerned, I wasn't aware of any of this. There is no communication from the European side, and someone like Nihilus should have never been given admin in the first place. I understand it is Pierry's server, but if you're representing the AE tag in the name and it being considered our European server, you can't just go and make choices on your own. The clan should operate as a whole, not just people doing whatever the fuck they please. I am extremely disappointed, and none of this should have even gotten to this point. I'm not quite sure what the hell is even going on, but I never heard shit from anyone until I came on the forums seeing all this blasphemy. If the clan isn't willing to operate as a whole, then why the fuck are we even a clan?

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Also on another note, this topic is going to start nothing but trouble. If you have anything to say, you guys have my xfire.


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