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1It's dead, Jim. Empty It's dead, Jim. on Wed Jul 24, 2013 3:31 pm


Clan Leader
As the title say. It's dead. AE actually died a few months ago, we just didn't want to belive it. The history of this clan is really huge, we had great and bad moments as in every clans. We had great people heading here and leaving. There was a lot of fun. Merging from two great clans with their great leaders: The Last Push and The Divine. Even though times were harsh we made it here together, as I said with some people leaving and entering meanwhile. Unfortunately many founding members left and I was really sad about that, especially when the leading founders left: Kewl, Roxas, Dakorian, Apex and Meh, those were the worst times ever for AE, losing the greatest leaders ever in AE's history. Of course as I was the only founder that stayed, I made this clan entirely Euro-related, with the great assistance of Dark Hunter, Crown and of course all you members, we made it so far. And now, this is the end, at least for now.

I wanted to let you all know that I had a great time here and wont ever regret creating After Effect. As I said, I always missed our American friends. I hope you all enjoyed this as well and had your great time here as well.

I'd like to note that only the founder leaders could bring AE back to life who are: Kewl, Dakorian, Roxas, Apex, Meh and me Pierry.

Thank you everyone. See you!

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