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1 READ BEFORE CHALLENGE on Thu Dec 27, 2012 3:02 pm


Clan Leader

Name of your clan:
Number of players:
Your map of choice:
Do you have a server we will play your map on?
Date and time you would like to match:
Class restrictions/limits:
Would you like to repeat this in future?

If you are challenging After Effect, please be sure to follow this format when doing so.

Also try to add Pierry or me on x fire (defiledhunter and piett256) for easier communication.

Pls. note we playing for fun. We like accepting your challenge but it must be friendly!

IMPORTANT: we have lost many members recently and need to recover from it so if you challenge now pls know that we will make it pending and respond to you once we can play, ty.


proud ex-member of <[DE]> & co-founder of |PrøĐ!gy.Team~
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