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1 READ BEFORE APPLYING! on Thu Dec 27, 2012 2:55 pm


Clan Leader

Who invited you:
Ingame name:
Time you've been playing MBII:
Skill level 1-10:
Favorite class(es):
Xfire (mandatory):
TS/mic. (optional):
Previous clans:
Admin experience:
Reason you want to join:
Additional info:

Remember to follow this format when applying to After Effect. Thank you, and good luck.

Make sure you have xfire even if you have to make new one. We don't want steam, msn, yahoo messengers or such. Would be crazy for leaders to install messenger just because each recruit. Thanks you.

Also as future member of AE, you must agree to this Clan Conduct created by Apex I think in ancient times. Read below..

I'd just like everyone to follow these few simple things. First of all, please try not to complain every single death. Second of all, try and get along with every single player on the server and generally be nice. Create a good and positive image for our clan. Don't act like an asshole, admins you know your place. Please just behave, I don't want any problems and I want to set a good reputation for us and keep our solid server activity. Also, be friends with EVERY member of the clan. We are at the start of a great thing let's not ruin it folks.

And that is rly all Twisted Evil

Actually, one more thing. Once you are accepted (we will edit your topic and write there either Accepted or Denied) you can put on the tags and join our x fire group. Clan tag is that you put in fron of your name symbol Æ (alt+0198) and that's it. Colors aren't important or the way you make your name is also not.

Now it's rly all.


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