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This is also based on older post with same info but it also reflects recent events Twisted Evil

Clan After Effect is a clan mainly based in MovieBattles II. We come from two seperate clans, tlp, and The Divine.The two came together to form After Effect, and we are in the process of getting on our feet. We are a NA and European clan. We're looking to bring the entire community together, and have fun playing some MBII. Currently we have 2 servers, one hosted by Pierry, and the other hosted by Steve/Dakorian once again. The European server is RTV, and our NA server is DOTF 24/7 for just a short time. We are a semi-skill based clan, and are invite only. We like to have a good time, and are trying to build a fun and enjoyable community here. Feel free to stick around and be apart of the After Effect. If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of the council members or even one of our members.

And so it was until recently.

Clan started dying and som people were disapointed where it was heading. tbh. people wasn't getting more inactive or clan wasn't dying either, there was just kinda mess because Council was in charge and in it 6 or 7 people plus some of these ppl didn't like each others that much. Problem was that each was doing his own things like recruting and such and eventually clan looked seemingly big but half the people in it didn't even have forum acc, other Councillors didn't know about some recruits and when 7 people is in charge, each wants to do things bit differently but it couldn't work.

Then Apex decided to leave and was followed by his friends Loonar and Phozan and maybe others.

Everything seemed cool for a while because Kewl was in Council and tried to keep things cool. He was wise Councillor and did lots of great things for the clan but when situation started to clam down, Kewl had got less and less time and there was another Councillor who was rising to power, it was Knight Dak Twisted Evil and when Kewl resigned, he gave Dakorian his seat in Council but at this time Roxas was already inactive and with Meh leaving in the process it was only Pierry and Dak left, Kewl appointed me (Defiled) to be in Council and I entered my awaiting period. Before I was appointed Councillor, clan took a vote and split into NA clan which was called IO Illuminated Ones i1 and us. Dakorian and Apex with help from eXile and radiance formed strong american clan and I (Defiled) became AE second leader.

Another chapter is yet to be written...... Twisted Evil

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