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This is new post with som important info in it. It is based on our old server conduct by Apex

- respect all players (even the ones who arent your friends and don't do things to other people you don't want them to do to you later on)

- keep arguing to minimum and don't start problems with other players for no reason (this also concerns silly accusations, insults and all kind of misbehaving)

- no hacking (if we find out you tried to crash the server, we will ban your IP)

- no cheating (although this concerns mainly trolls, don't do it anyway, it upsets less experienced players and disrupts the gameplay)

- don't troll (don't use any trolling cheats, scripts or provoke other people by gripping them or flaming them or punching them, some might not get the joke and only thing you achieve is revenge tk and then tk war involving half the players present so pls don't)

- don't stall (mbii is fast paced team play game, so you either can help your team win the round or you can't, if you can't, pls don't hide for 3 remaining minutes in gen playing hero, or worse doing this on purpose, you might get kicked for this or worse when repeated)

- don't stack teams (4 rebs vs 8 imps, don't join imps..)

- don't spam chat with longass binds

Admin will be instructed to make verbal warning first or with more serious offence you won't even get warned such as revenge TK or trolling on purpose as it is something you probably do on purpose to only ruin the game for others, if it's some minor trolling or stacking teams or doing some other minor offences you will get warned first.

If we find out that you returned to the server and kept doing what you were doing, admins will be giving you temp ban up for 999 rounds (I think that's max), which can be something around a 3 and half day and usually shorter than that.

If you are still causing problems then, we will take out your IP and ban it for good.

Exceptions can be make, note that pls.

Our older topic with this info had a link to server admin user group but it's much faster edit forum post than messing with forum administration so I will paste list of server admins here and their xfires.


Pierry (piett256)
Đef!led (defiledhunter)

Krym (krym213)
Dark'Hunter (darkhunter500)
MystiQ (mystiqmastah)
Lord Nihilus (nihi122)

If you have problems on server call one of these guys and they will help you I am sure of it Cool

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